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We Present Proudly the greatest "EB Gallery" Cirebon Traditional Batik. It is the central of traditional batik Handicraft. The Famous place where you can get any luxurious Cirebon traditional batik.

What is Batik? Batik is the 'fabled" cloth of Java because it is both mysterious and legendary. Batik is not just another pretty and colorful piece of textile, To the contrary, batik is art in the purest sense of the word, that can also be used for utilitarian purposes. Batik in ifs diversity of patterns, colors and textures is a reflection of javanese culture.

SBY, President of Indonesia, motivated Trusmi's batik artists by writing "Keep up the creation in the spirit of pride !" at EB Batik Traditional Gallery. [Cirebon, 02-09-2005]

Cirebon Batik Profile :
The famous megamendung, or stormy clouds pattern from Cirebon. When this batik was commissioned at the workshop of Masina in Trusmi in 1964, all he could be shown was a photograph of part of a batik belonging to the National Museum in Jakarta.

Having never seen the original batik piece, Masina made his own version of the motif using eight shades of blue instead of the usual four. The use of shadings of blue is also Chinese and these are particularly prominent in Cirebon batiks like the megamendunq, or stormy cloud design.

The result was this magnificent piece, deviating from the original pattern in which the clouds are arranged along diagonal lines. This piece now hangs in the Indonesian Mission to the United Nations in New York City.

From : A Play of Light and Shades by Iwan Tirta (1996)


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Baju Taman Teratai

Baju Simbar Dlorong

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